How do I pay?

There are 3 ways of payment to choose from.

Payment upon delivery (only for Greece)

You pay for your purchase upon delivery of the product. The courier company will take the money for your order.

PayPal (international orders)

The world’s safest way to make payments online. With us you do not disclose any information of your credit card. Choosing this payment automatically directs you to the PayPal website and there fill in the information requested to complete the payment.

The payment by Pay Pal for your purchases is available for purchase from within and abroad. We confirm that the company AN. TSADARIS & SIA E.E. has not any information about your credit card.

More information can be found on PayPal’s website:

Note: It is not necessary to be registered as a PayPal member to use this payment method.

Payment through credit or debit card

The online store accepts credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Electron and American Express. For purchases made by credit card, the customer will has to follow the instructions which can be found at this online store.

At the order form which included in the website, he should complete the number and the expiration date of his credit card. The credit card charge made once preliminary inspection and certification of data and validity.

The customer is solely responsible for the proper recording and true details of his credit card. In the same manner and with the same instructions and payment is made with a debit card.

Your transactions will be made through Bank: Alpha Bank